Tony Walkington

Tony Walkington is standing as a candidate in Guernsey’s first island-wide election. With a drive to effect change and a belief in doing the best he can for the people of Guernsey, a vote for Tony Walkington is a vote for common sense, a pragmatic approach and above all a vote for preserving and strengthening the unique elements which make us proud to call Guernsey our island home.

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Help for Home Educators

It has come to my attention that there is little or no help or assistance given to the members of our society that either chose or are forced by special circumstances / Bullying to opt for home schooling, this is terrible, why in this day and age are we failing to provide resources for theContinue reading “Help for Home Educators”

Recognise Their Value

Being a biker for 45+ years and having enjoyed the full spectrum of racing, I’ve had a lot of Full Contact motorcycling accidents resulting in visiting the PEH many many times, also after returning from France in 2017 I suffered a Cardiac arrest at home. On each occasion that I’ve been admitted into our fabulousContinue reading “Recognise Their Value”

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